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Stick On / Self Adhesive FASTNA® Hook & Loop Tape - Bulk Box

Stick on hook and loop tape is a very versatile tape commonly used to affix products to surfaces and mounting displays at exhibitions. The standard rubber adhesive on FASTNA® brand stick on tape is high tack and suitable for use indoors.

FASTNA® uses a general purpose rubber resin based adhesive which is reliable and strong, suitable for a whole host of everyday applications to most surfaces including metal, glass, cardboard, wood and plastics (including Polyethylene and Polypropylene). Please note that it will NOT adhere well to PVC, Vinyl and materials containing plasticizers. The operating temperature range is approx. -15°C to +90°C.

These bulk boxes are for people who want the best price on large quantity orders. You'll get a full carton of FASTNA® brand hook and loop tape in the chosen width, type and colour.

Quantities per carton vary based on the thickness of the tape ordered.

Each box is sold separately, if you require both the hook and loop sides then you will need to purchase two boxes; one hook box and one loop box.

Manufacturer FASTNA®
Type Self Adhesive Hook & Loop Tape
Quantity Amount varies based on width:
16mm - 1500m (60 reels)
20mm - 1200m (48 reels)
25mm - 1000m (40 reels)
30mm - 800m (32 reels)
38mm - 600m (24 reels)
50mm - 500m (20 reels)
100mm - 250m (10 reels)
Reel Length 25 Meters
Widths 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 38mm, 50mm, 100mm
Colours Black, White
Key Features
  • Versatile tape
  • Easy to cut down to smaller lengths
  • Various widths available
Hook / Loop: