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Stick On / Self Adhesive FASTNA® Coins Bulk Reels

FASTNA® brand hook and loop spots are the ideal method of securing items when you want easy access to them. You put one side on the object and the other on the surface you want to secure it to and then just put the two together. The item can be removed and replaced with ease many times.

These coins are great for affixing just about anything - first aid kits to walls, tools in the garage, phones to desks. They're especially useful for things you might want to change regularly - likes posters or displays.

Manufacturer FASTNA®
Type Stick On (Self Adhesive) Coins
Quantity Amount varies based on width:
13mm - 1500
16mm - 1350
19mm - 1100
22mm - 1000
33mm - 700
Sizes 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 33mm
Colours Black, White
Key Features
  • Versatile tape
  • Easy to use
  • High tack rubber adhesive
  • Suitable for use indoors
  • Various coin sizes available
  • Can be used again and again
Hook / Loop: