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25m x Sew On FASTNA® Hook & Loop Tape

Sew on (non-adhesive) tape is an ideal replacement for zips and buttons on clothing and has many uses in manufacturing - from securing the lining of cars, making bag closures and in furniture upholstery.

The FASTNA® brand sew on tape is easy to sew through and will go through a sewing machine with no problems - you can also staple to surfaces if you need a stronger grip. If you're looking to put posters or other objects on the wall, you need the self-adhesive tape which is also available on our site.

Each reel is sold separately, if you require both the hook and loop sides then you will need to purchase two reels; one hook reel and one loop reel.

If you are unsure which tape is suitable for your needs then our stick on tape is also avaiable in handy 1 metre lengths, these can be purchased and tested before purchasing the larger 25m reels.

Manufacturer FASTNA®
Type Sew On Hook & Loop Tape
Quantity Single Reel
Reel Length 25 Meters
Widths 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 38mm, 50mm, 100mm
Colours Black, White
Key Features
  • Versatile tape
  • Easy to cut down to smaller lengths
  • Ideal replacement for zips and buttons
  • Easy to sew through
  • Various widths available
Hook / Loop: