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White Low Profile FASTNA® Hook & Loop Tape (20mm, Hook, 1m Roll)

FASTNA® brand low profile hook and loop tape is ideal when you need something a lot thinner than the usual hook and loop. Combined, the two sides have a thickness of just a couple of millimetres which is great when you want to keep things as flush to the surface as possible.

The hooks are moulded plastic which gives a firmer grip than the standard style hooks allowing them to be much smaller.

The rubber based adhesive on the tapes has a good grip and is suitable for indoor use. As the tape is lower profile than normal tape, you get more on the reel - the bulk reels are 50m long instead of 25m, so that's worth bearing in mind when considering the price.

This tape is currently only available in white.

Manufacturer FASTNA®
Type Self Adhesive Low Profile
Quantity Single Reel
Reel Length 1m or 50m
Widths 20mm
Colours White Only
Key Features
  • Versatile tape
  • Low profile for a flush fit
  • Bulk reels are twice the normal length

Hook / Loop: