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Sew & Stick VELCRO® Hook & Loop Tape

VELCRO® retail packs are easy to use and store boxes containing VELCRO® branded stick on / sew on hook and loop tape. Each pack contains both sides of the hook and loop tape meaning you have everything you need in a convenient package. Each tape in the pack is 20mm wide and 10m in length, these packs are available in either black or white.

Sew and stick packs contain both sew on and stick on tape. These packs are ideal for putting up curtains and blinds. The hook side is always adhesive for sticking on to the wall and the loop side is always sew on to go on the blinds or curtain - this allows them to be washed or dry cleaned.

Manufacturer VELCRO®
Type Sew & Stick Retail / Consumer Pack
Quantity Single Pack
Reel Length 2 x 10 Meters
Widths 20mm
Colours Black, White
Key Features
  • Versatile tape
  • Easy to store
  • Contains both hook and loop in one pack